Cable Fault Locators

IUP FW10 Fault Wizard £40 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The FW10 Fault Expert is a compact cable fault locator for HV underground cable. It can locate faults up to 3000m and can be used to perform arc-reflection on cable systems (half-loops, radials etc) for quick power restoration

Bicotest T631 £21 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The easy-to-use Bicotest T631 TDR cable fault locator has a 12km range and quickly locates cable faults such as frayed cables, bad crimps, water ingress, faulty connectors/taps with an automatic fault-finding button

Bicotest T625 £21 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The T625 Cable fault locator has an impressive range of 0 to 20 kilometres outperforming any other TDR. Accurate to 0.5m in short range with clear fault identification even at the upper limit of its operating range.

Megger TDR2000 £20 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Megger TDR2000/2 cable fault locator can identify a wide range of faults on metallic cables and performs single or dual channel measurements.