Bicotest T631

Cable Fault Locator

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Bicotest T631

The Bicotest T631 TDR is designed for use in coaxial CATV, CCTV or data cable systems, or in any cable fault-finding application that requires high resolution or moderate range capability. Faults caused by frayed cable, bad crimps, water ingress, faulty connectors and taps can quickly and easily be found.

The T631's automatic fault-finding feature will, at the touch of a single button, locate significant reflections from faults or high reflective features. The return loss function enables such features (e.g. taps, connectors) to be measured and to determine if these are within acceptable limits.


• 12km range.
• Automatic fault finding.
• Return loss measurement (dBRL).
• Short pulse widths.
• High resolution.
• 15 memories.
• PC download and reload using X600 TRACEability™ software.