5Kv Insulation Testers

Megger BM25 £13 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Megger BM25 5kV insulation tester can be used for testing a wide voltage range, including low voltage

Megger BM21 £13 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

Megger MIT520 £13 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The mains or battery powered Megger MIT520 5kV insulation tester measures to 15 TΩ and has an board memory for results storage

Megger MIT510 £12 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The MIT510/2 insulation is used for testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. Measures up to 15 TΩ

Megger BM11D £10 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The BM11D 5kV insulation tester is used to test the insulation of high and low voltage electrical equipment