Robin K2413F

Earth Leakage Clampmeter

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Robin K2413F
Measures from 0.1mA to 1000A AC and provides frequency response higher than 1kHz on all measuring ranges.
  • Provides a frequency selector switch 
  • 50/60Hz or WIDE to turn on or off an incorporated low pass filter. This permits current measurement in mains fundamental frequency only or a wide range of frequencies, including those from such devices as inverters. 
  • Peak-hold facility with selectable response time of 10ms or 100 ms. 
  • Two-way analogue output terminal Provides AC voltage output proportional to the current under test for monitoring the waveform with an oscilloscope or measuring RMS current values with a true-RMS-reading instrument.  
  • Data hold function to allow for easy readings in hard-to-reach locations. Display can be observed away from the conductor.