Lem Heme LH1040

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Lem Heme LH1040
There are 3 models in the 40 Series the LH240, LH1040 & LH2040 with max current ranges of 200, 1000 & 2000A AC DC respectively. Max conductor (cable) diameter is 50mm.

By using True RMS measurement techniques the 40-series instruments avoid errors (up to 50%) which can occur when non sinusoidal waveforms created by today’s complex loads are measured using traditional average-reading techniques. True RMS measurements are available for AC, DC (A, V) and AC+DC (A).

IEC 1010 safety features including a tactile barrier and special jaw design provide the user with confidence when making
measurements in hazardous voltage areas. Conformance to EMC standards ensures high reliability through reduced susceptibility to electromagnetic interference.

• AC and DC Amps, Volts, Ohms, Diode and Continuity Test
• Large jaw capacity takes 50mm or 2 x 30mm cables
• True RMS measurement of complex waveforms and analysis of AC and DC current components
• Auto-ranging and Auto-zeroing
• Excellent accuracy, even for distorted or non sinusoidal A and V
• Display-Hold and Max-Hold (surge) modes for convenience in use
• Analogue outputs for recorder, logger or oscilloscope
• Conformance to IEC1010 and EMC standards