Testo 512 £10 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Testo 512 manometer displays pressure and flow simultaneously in an easy-to read, large, backlit display

Furness Controls FC0520 £10 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The FCO520 AirPro Pressure and Flow Meter is a portable microprocessor based instrument which measures low differential pressures in a choice of units, and velocity when paired with Pitot tubes.

Digitron PM20 £7 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Digitron PM20 manometer is designed for twin tube connections and has a back lit LCD allowing easy viewing in poor light conditions.

Digitron AF200 £7 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Digitron AF200 manometer can be used in many settings including checking and installing air conditioning, checking fume cupboards or differential pressure in clean rooms