Digital Voltage Source

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The PTE-300-V three phase digital voltage source is a universal, portable test system which allows you to test single and three phase protective relays. The unit allows you to switch between single and three phase channels.

The unit is extremely rugged and compact making it ideal for on-site inspection.

The equipment can also allow connection via a PC for automatic testing of relays or control of the equipment using windows compatible software.


- Variable three phase voltage to 3 x 300V or current up to 3 x 8A
- Variable phase angle between 0-359.9° (single or 3 phase)
- Variable frequency output between 40-420Hz
- Output power 3 x 100VA
- Reversible outputs
- Outputs are fully isolated and electronic
- Dynamic capability
- Completely programmable
- External frequency or phase reference input
- External timer control output