Casella CEL480

Sound Level Meter

Casella CEL480
Casella CEL480

CEL-480 Data Logging Sound Level Meter

Classic sound level meter with data logging function

  • Built in octave band and thirdoctave band filters
  • Measurement range from 20to 140 dB(A)
  • 9 octave bands from 31Hz to 8kHz plus 2 overall levels
  • 28 third octave bands from 25Hz to 12.5kHz plus overall
  • Non volatile memory storage for up to 999 separate runs
  • Each run can store up to 9999 regular period
  • Graphic level recorder mode with 2 time history profiles
  • External power for extendedlong term monitoring
  • Ac output for tape recordingand playback
  • Direct print and pc download