Multi Gas Detectors

Draeger MultiPid2 £40 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Draeger MultiPid2 multigas detector is a photo ionisation detector for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is suitable for applications like soil, water or jar head space screening, leak detection and confined space measurements.

MSA Tankscope2 £20 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Tankscope2 multigas detector can measure up to five gases simultaneously including oxygen.

Draeger XAM7000 £14 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Draeger XAM7000 multigas detector can detect up to 5 gases simultaneously including oxygen<br>

Crowcon Detective £14 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Crowcon Detective MultiGas Detector can be used singly or linked together and gives a loud and bright alarm providing effective warning of gas hazards

Status PGD2 £12 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

For use in Group II potentially explosive atmospheres.

Crowcon TriplePlus £10 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Crowcon Triple Plus MultiGas detector has an infrared hydrocarbon sensor which is equally suitable for detection of hydrocarbons in air for confined space entry and other safety applications

Neotronics Impact £9 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The safe and reliable Neotronics Impact multigas detector can monitor up to 4 gases at one time

Crowcon Tetra3 £9 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The lightweight, weatherproof Crowcon Tetra3 multigas detector has a single button operation and is suitable for use in arduous industrial environments&lt;br&gt;