Tektronix TDS3052


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Tektronix TDS3052

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope (DPO) DPOs have an intensity graded color display that provides information about the frequency of occurrence of signal amplitudes and widths. This helps the user locate and characterise waveform anomalies that can be elusive on traditional Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. The fast update rate of DPOs also makes it easier to capture and display infrequent waveforms or waveform variations.
  • Telecommunications Manufacturing (Telecom Mask Test Application Module for Pass/Fail Compliance of ITU-T G.703 and ANSI T1.102 (Up to STS-1 Rates) Standards) 
  • Digital Design and Debug Video Design and Service (Video Application Modules Offer Line Count, HDTV and Custom Video Trigger, Video Display Graticules, SDI to Analog Video Conversion with Composite and Component Outputs, Video Picture Identification and Vectorscope) 
  • Industrial Electronic Design 
  • Power Supply Design 
  • Connected Instrumentation (10Base-T LAN, GPIB and VGA Modules with RS- 232) Highly Mobile Environments (Optional Battery Pack for Convenient Use in the Field or Away from the Bench)