Hire Megger PAT4DV PAT Tester

Megger PAT4DV
Megger PAT4DV


Compatible with all issues of the IEE Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of electrical equipment.

Ready to use in 5 seconds!

Some pats take 30 seconds or more to start up, time that could be used carrying out tests. PAT4 quick boots in only 5 seconds.

Auto restart facility!

You need to move your pat as you test appliances. PAT4 auto restart returns you to the point you were at when you switched off, in only 5s.

Clock set for 10 years! No need to set the clock every time you restart PAT4.PAT4’s real-time clock stays correct for ten years.Each test is time and date stamped to provide traceability.

Plain & Simple Operation!

The PAT4 has a full QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry.

No complicated test codes!

Many pats use complicated codes to control test routines.PAT4 uses group test codes in plain English that definetest routines, test duration and pass bands.

Direct entry of new details!

PAT4 allows you to enter new appliance and repair details directly into memory, complete with location, description,voltage and group test code.All details may be downloaded to PowerSuite

Built in Fuse Check!

If you suspect a blown fuse you no longer need amultimeter. PAT4 has a built in fuse check.