Voltage Analysers

LEM Heme VlogQ £8 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The VlogQ voltage analyser is designed to detect and record power quality problems in a wide range of installations

Chauvin Arnoux L261 £8 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The L261 logger is ideal for industrial, commercial or residential supervision, monitoring of voltage harmonics, long-term power supply monitoring, etc.

Fluke VR101S £7 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Fluke VR101S voltage analyser  is the perfect system for catching sags, swells, transients, outages and frequency variations on line voltage at receptacles, where the most sensitive loads are connected. The VR101S  includes a compact VR101 event recorder, an optical interface cable, and EventView software that turns your PC into a power quality reporting tool.

Fluke VR1710 £7 /day. Minimum hire 7 days.

The Fluke VR1710 voltage analyser monitors and records supply voltage and measures frequency and harmonics