Hire Megger MFT1553 Multifunction Tester

Megger MFT1553
Megger MFT1553

The MFT1553 is the latest version of the Megger multifunction testers with all the testing you need in one tough, easy to use, good value machine.  The new MFT1553 now allows you to transfer the test readings from the tester to a storage device wirelessly. When you have PowerSuite On-site, on your mobile device, like a smart-phone or a PDA, you can complete certificates as you go on-site. Your full days work is stored as a completed certificate on your mobile device, smart-phone, PDA or laptop. All you have to do is print it sign it and make out the invoice.

Megger MFT1553 Multifunction tester with Bluetooth communications

  • Bluetooth communication
  • Automatic RCD testing
  • Combined 17th Edition testing
  • Guaranteed non-tripping loop test range
  • Backlit display and selector ranges
  • Illuminated switch probe
  • Selectable touch voltage
  • Touch (fault) voltage and display
  • Calibrated earth loop test lead
  • Calibration certificate