Hire Megger FT4 Flash Tester

Megger FT4
Megger FT4


The Megger FT4 flash tester is designed for flash testing and AC applied voltage testing on electrical equipment, components, printed circuit boards and general electrical machinery and complies with:
  • BS2769 (CCE20) Portable electrical meter operated tools
  • BS3456 (IEC 335) Safety of household electrical appliances
  • BS3861/BS5850 Electrical Safety of office equipment

  • Ideal for testing class 1 and 2 equipment
  • Two ranges of test voltages
  • Output control has safety zero lock
  • Breakdown, Trip level and burn modes of operation
  • Audible and visual indication of breakdown and excessive leakage current
  • Test voltage range 0-2KV and 0-4KV