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LinkRunner™ Pro kit  Network Multimeter Quick network connectivity and copper/fiber cabling answers for frontline technicians.

  • Link at 10/100/Gig – identify device capabilities and confirm actual connected speed/duplex status on copper links
  • Ping key devices – measure response statistics of DHCP, default router, DNS server, and other key devices or URLs
  • Verify 802.1X settings – authenticate on 802.1X secured networks; enter EAP type, user name, certificates, and password. LinkRunner Pro supports up to 1k certificates
  • Detect PoE service – verify availability, voltage level, and pairs of Power over Ethernet per IEEE 802.3af specifications
  • Identify switch port – identify nearest switch address, slot, and port with Cisco, Extreme, and IEEE Link Layer Discovery Protocols 
  • Test cable wiremap – test wiremap and length; detect miswires, shorts, split pairs or opens; measure distance to faults with TDR Locate and ID cable – use IntelliTone digital toning, hub blink feature, or optional cable IDs to locate cables at patch panels or wall jacks
  • Document test results – save link, ping, PoE, security, and cable test results in unit and upload to PC with USB cable