Cropico RBB6B

Decade Resistance Box

Cropico RBB6B
Cropico RBB6B

Combining high quality, long life and permanence of calibration, the RBB Series offers an unbeatable selection of models. 

The reliability is built in as we use our own designed and manufactured switches combined with high quality wire wound resistors. 

All units are supplied complete with certificate of conformity and all measurements are of course traceable to International Standards. 

RBB Resistance Decade 0.05

  • 5 and 6 Decades Available 
  • Total Range 11.111 MΩ 
  • Smallest Steps 0.001Ω 
  • Special Waidner Wolff Decade Minimises Switch Contact Resistance 
  • Accuracy 0.05% for premium dials