Baugh and Weedon Audit 106

Ultrasonic Thickness Tester

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Baugh and Weedon Audit 106

The AUDIT 106 is a microprocessor controlled precision instrument housed in a rigid injection moulded plastic case, with front panel membrane ensuring environmental protection to IP65.

The AUDIT 106 offers a switchable metric/inch display and a preset calibration programme which allows accurate and easy thickness measurement of a selection of 10 commonly used engineering materials.

A specific material within the program is selected simply by pressing the MAT button provided and calling up the appropriate code from the menu.

The AUDIT 106 also features a ZERO facility which maintains the integrity of the thickness measurements.

A built-in warning display eliminates the risk of spurious readings and the instrument switches itself off when not in use. As a confidence check, a test block is mounted on the front panel to ensure correct operation of the AUDIT 106 and its' probe.