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Power Analyser

Fluke 1735
Fluke 1735

The Fluke 1735 logs most electrical power parameters, harmonics and captures voltage events. View graphs and generate reports with the included Fluke Power Log software.

Fluke 1735 Applications:
  • Load studies: verify electrical system capacity.
  • Energy assessments: quantify energy consumption.
  • Harmonics measurements: uncover harmonic issues.
  • Voltage event capture: monitor for dips and swells.

Fluke 1735 Features:
  • Record power & associated parameters for up to 45 days.
  • Monitor maximum power demand.
  • Measure harmonic distortion.
  • Memory: 4 MB Flash memory, 3.5 MB for measuring data.
  • Colour display of waveforms and trends.
  • Measure all three phases and neutral.
  • View graphs and generate reports.
  • Compact, rugged design with IP65 case.
  • Dimensions: 240 mm x 180 mm x 110 mm.
  • Weight: 1.7 kg, including battery.