Cropico D07

Micro Ohmmeter

Cropico D07
Cropico D07

The DO7 digital microhmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities. It is of rugged construction, contained in a sealed ABS plastic case with lid and carrying handle.

The DO7 digital microhmmeter has many advanced features, including protection up to 415 volts rms at the measuring terminals, digital calibration and long scale length, 6000 count. Rechargeable batteries means real portability with more than 1 hour of continuous operation on the lowest ranges, and 20 hours on all others. Battery charge indicators are provided. The internal charger will boost charge to 90% of full charge, switching automatically to a trickle maintenance charge. Warning LEDs illuminate when an open circuit lead condition is detected.

A front panel socket provides a serial RS232 output for connection to an external printer or PC, and a socket is also provided for the connection of an external start switch, e.g. a foot switch.
The DO7digital microhmmeter is supplied ready for use with batteries, mains cord and test leads, no extras are normally necessary. For special lead sets we offer a variety of different styles which are listed on the accessories page, together with calibration standards.

Key Features

True 4 wire measurement eliminates lead resistance
6 push button ranges 600 microhms to 60 ohms
Resolution 0.1 microhm on 600 microhm range
0.8' LED Display daylight viewable
10 Amp measuring current on lowest range
Forward and reverse current measurement
Auto average of forward and reverse measurement
Input protection up to 415 Volts rms
Printer output and remote start
Digital calibration key protected
Mains / rechargeable batteries with charge indicator and built in charger