AWR ATI200is

Digital Thermometer

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AWR ATI200is

The AWR ATI200IS ATEX Digital Thermometer is an intrinsically safe instrument designed for precise monitoring of temperature within explosive hazardous areas. The rugged design metal housing contained within the quality leather case gives long term protection for use in severe industrial environmental applications. The ATI200IS Thermometer incorporates unique features that ensure precision measurements over the ranges -199.9°C to +199.9 and 0 to +199.9°F both with 0.1 degree resolution. The instrument is calibrated for use with 4 wire C&V configured platinum resistance probes conforming to BS EN60751:1996. Allowed probe manufacturing zero degree errors are eliminated by the instrument setup facilities that allow any AWR supplied probes to be interchanged without loss of accuracy.


The ATI200IS is designed for use with a range of probes used in the Chemical Gas, Petroleum & Pharmaceutical Zone 0 areas where precision and repeatable readings are essential. A wide ranging list of accessories ensure a safe and universal use of the thermometer for

CHEMICAL: Process control verification.

Fiscal metering unit calibration.

Distribution volume control for loss accounting in road/rail cars, storage tanks, ocean tankers & barges.

Pyknometer sample units and fiscal metering skid calibrations.

LNG level equipment & product instrumentation calibrations.