Hire a Fluke VR101S

Voltage Analyser

Fluke VR101S

7 Days £49 + Vat


The Fluke VR101S is the perfect system for catching sags, swells, transients, outages and frequency variations on line voltage at receptacles, where the most sensitive loads are connected. The VR101S  includes a compact VR101 event recorder, an optical interface cable, and EventView software that turns your PC into a power quality reporting tool. Additional VR101 event recorders can be hired, so you can monitor several voltage conditions at multiple locations at once.

To set up a VR101 event recorder, just enter the event capture limit parameters on your PC and load them into the recorder. EventView software and the optical interface cable make it easy. Then plug the recorder into the outlet you need to test, and leave it—there’s no need to leave a computer hooked up.

The compact recorder stores any voltage event that goes outside your limits. The VR101 recorder can store up to as many as 4000 events and a flashing LED tells you when events have been captured.

To get data out of the recorder, hook it back up to your computer. EventView software can download a complete history of the events that occurred while the recorder was plugged into the receptacle. The software lets you build a detailed report of sags, swells, transients, outages and frequency variations with time-stamps and durations