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Current Injection Test Set

Megger PCITS2000A

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Primary current injection test sets have two main applications. The first of these is the testing of complete relay protection systems comprising the isolated high voltage conductor, the current transformer, the protection relay and the circuit breaker. Because of the inconvenience of breaking into the feeder circuit on the primary side of the current transformer, primary current injection is normally applied at the time of commissioning.

This Primary Current Injection Test Set is rugged, self-contained and designed for operation by one person. The PCITS2000/2 is a two-wheeled unit (with a handle). The test set has a separate hand-held controller connected by an expandable cable. This allows the operator to work close to a protective relay while controlling a test. The maximum output current is 2000 A a.c. at line frequency. By changing the range switch, half the rated output can be obtained at twice the voltage.

Additionally, a separate auxiliary voltage output of 250 V, 2 A a.c. or 125 V, 2 A a.c. is available for testing voltage operated relay coils or checking the magnetisation characteristics of current transformers. All outputs are fully variable and each test set has a nominal duty cycle when delivering full current and voltage. Continuous operation is possible at 40% of maximum current.