Hire a Megger MPP1000

Cable Fault Locator

Megger MPP1000

7 Days £147 + Vat

The MPP1000 pinpoints faults while the cable is being surged by a surge generator, or "thumper"  An arc flashover occurs when the high energy surge delivered from the surge generator breaks the cable fault down and a loud acoustic emission is created.

Because acoustic emission from an arcing fault/flashover occurs at a single point along the cable path, information such as distance and direction to the fault becomes critical for efficient pinpointing. Without this information, the acoustic emission can mislead when pinpointing the fault.

If the cable fault is in a duct or conduit, the loudest acoustic emission will be detected either at the conduit end or the conduit's actual breaking location. When pinpointing over paving, the loudest sound may be at a crack or seam. In these situations, the MPP1000 becomes especially useful.