Megger D7001

Micro Ohmmeter

Megger D7001
Megger D7001

The DUCTER® D7001 Low ResistanceOhmmeter is a stable, accurate andreliable instrument, yet tough androbust, and is well suited for use inthe workshop, in installation andcommissioning and in field servicing.

Example Uses

  • Commissioning and maintenance ofsubstation equipment (e.g., busbarjoints and earth bonding, switch andcircuit breaker contact resistance,fuse resistance and cold lap-welded joints in aluminium earthing strip) 
  • Testing transformer and motor windings
  • Maintenance of overhead transmissionlines (e.g. in testing joints)
  • Bond testing aircraft frames,including the bonding of electronic dischargers and fuel tanks
  • Testing earth bonds in mines 
  • Rail bond testing, where a rail is used as part of a communicationsystem or for power transmission
  • Testing the integrity of lightning conductors