Gas Data LMSxi

Landfill Gas Monitor

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Gas Data LMSxi

The LMSxi G2 is an easy to use handheld portable instrument that quickly determines gas concentrations, gas flows and pressure/vacuum within landfill gas extraction pipework.

Typical applications are balancing and optimisation of gas utilisation plants, Flare control and compliance and regulatory monitoring.


  • Intrinsically safe to EEX ib IIB T2 
  • Modular design for retrospective upgrade
  • CH4, CO2 and O2 as standard 
  • Gas pressure reading +/- 400 mbar 
  • Flow measurement range 0.1 to 6000 m3/hr 
  • Serial interface allows bi-directional transfer of data and well data Optional built in H2S and CO plus two further channels if required
  • Gas flow calculations from pitot tubes, orifice plates and vane anemometers 
  • Storage of weather conditions, maintenance codes or site observations 
  • Gas energy (BTU/KW) calculations 
  • Manual pump operation 
  • Alphanumeric storage codes
  • User selectable comments for each well location 
  • Automatic unattended datalogging 
  • Clear easy to use operator controls 
  • Storage for more than 1000 sets of data all with time and date stamp 
  • Manual storage of leachate levels