Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

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  • Designed for Power Transformers, Potential Transformers and CurrentTransformers
  • Direct readings from 0.8000:1to 1500.0:1
  • Displays Turns Ratio, Polarity andExcitation Current simultaneously with high resolutionn Dual power supply and operation:integrated rechargeable NiCd batteryand AC supplyn ANSI/IEEE compliant measurementmethodn Microprocessor based for simpleoperationn Easy connection and test set-up:no calibration or balancing required
  • Display warnings of incorrect leadconnections, reverse polarity, open and short circuits
  • Large dual line display with adjustable contrast and backlight ensures clearday/night visibility
  • No high voltages - employs low voltagetest technique and integrated safety circuit
  • Low battery indicationn Durable, impact-resistance sealed polypropylene case